NEX Markets’ EBS Volumes Continue to Trend Higher in February

NEX Markets has reported its EBS electronic trading platform volumes for February 2018. The latest readings represent a slight growth off of last month’s rebound in FX volumes. The steady climb in volumes coincides with the continued uptick of volatility exhibited across global markets during February.

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For the second month in a row, markets managed to experience a healthy range of activity and movement, which contrasts with Q4 2017 – this period saw extremely low periods of volatility, which in turn caused a collapse of FX volumes across the retail and institutional space.

Fast forwarding to the present, the situation is much more active. NEX Markets’ EBS volumes again witnessed a positive reading during the February 2018, with the USD and other majors being subject to healthy trading ranges.

Looking specifically at spot FX trading at NEX Markets’ EBS electronic trading platform, a figure of $108.3 billion daily was reported during February 2018. This reflected a rather small advance of 3.2 percent relative to $104.9 billion daily in January 2018. However, over a year-over-year basis, the latest reading in February also shattered its 2017 counterpart by a margin of 34.2 percent from just $80.7 billion daily in February 2017.

The positive month was on par with other institutional venues, though many others managed to see all-time highs. More pronounced daily ranges across FX pairs have been a trending topic for the industry since the start of 2018.

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Looking to US Treasuries, EBS Markets also experienced a strong surge in its volumes on a monthly basis. The latest reading was reported at $238.7 billion per day in February 2018, up 28.9 percent on a monthly basis from $185.2 billion in January 2018. The figure was also higher by just 38.0 percent when measured against its February 2017 counterpart ($173.4 million).

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