NEM [XEM] partners with VXN exchange; alliance will promote tokenization of venture capital assets

NEM, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, recently announced a partnership with VNX Exchange. The exchange claims to be one of the first trading platforms that promote tokenization of venture capital assets. The partnership will enable the platforms to develop protocols and standards to operate security tokens based on the NEM blockchain.

VNX Exchange [] is a Luxembourg based platform, which is a regulatory marketplace focussing on linking venture capitalists and investors. The exchange is also a member of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology [LHoFT], Infrachain and APSI.

One of the main agenda of the exchange platform is to unlock venture capital assets to the global investors which include XEM token holders. In addition, the exchange stated that they would aim to reduce financial barriers.

CEO and Founder of VNX Exchange, Alexander Tkachenko stated that tokenized assets would play a major role in the future of capital markets and that blockchain offered the opportunities to improve financial markets, “especially private ones”. He added:

“Our partnership with NEM and the opportunities it introduces for the security token ecosystem worldwide are extremely encouraging”

NEM and VNX Exchange have been working on developing a liquidity program to incentivize venture capital funds investing in startups involved in the NEM ecosystem. The report further added that the VNX platform would enable venture capital funds to participate in initial security token offerings in order to achieve optimal liquidity. Moreover, XEM token will be listed on the VNX exchange platform.

Interim President for the Foundation, Kristof Van de Reck opined that the partnership enabled them to understand the technology and its regulatory compliance. Furthermore, NEM would remain at the “tip of the sphere” with regards to security token offering. He added:

“I’m happy to see projects like VNX that are bridging the gap between the mainstream financial industry and the crypto-economy”

Furthermore, VNX will closely work with European capital market institutions and advisors in order to open venture capital markets to new investors.

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