Mingo to Leverage Hedera Hashgraph Technology from Swirlds

Mingo app is going to be using the new Hedera Hashgraph technology which, as they claim, is a blockchain killer.

Mingo, a crypto messaging and ecommerce ecosystem, and Swirlds, creators of the Hedera Hashgraph public distributed consensus platform, announced today that Mingo will use Swirlds’ Hedera Hashgraph technology to build the fastest messaging aggregation, cryptocurrency transfer and plugin platform.

Mingo is a free multi-channel messenger app that brings together all your conversations across some of the most popular messaging apps in one platform. Currently seven messengers are supported – Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Discord, Slack, Skype and IRC Cloud – all combined by contact name in one easy-to-use stream. The base platform solves the issue of finding and connecting with various conversations from all your contacts on different apps; this will make Mingo the go-to app for message simplification and real-time connectivity.

The Mingo Plugin Economy will solve the issue of purchasing products and services from authenticated and trusted merchants and service providers with the use of micropayments (something which is currently too costly to do using conventional payment methods). MingoCoin is the easy-to-use, widely accepted token in the Mingo Plugin Economy. Mingo users will only have to hold one denomination of token to pay for products and services in the Mingo ecosystem. MingoCoins will be held in the inbuilt MingoWallet. The Mingo Plugin Economy will deliver easy access to many offerings denominated in MingoCoin.

Joe Arthur, CEO of Mingo, is delighted with the partnership:

“Along with everyone in the distributed ledger space, we want to provide maximum speed and security to our community. Hedera Hashgraph is the latest solution in this field and we are very excited about using their technology with our app. Mingo solves a major problem of message confusion, and now Hedera Hashgraph provides the most powerful distributed ledger technology platform available today.”

Mingo’s CTO Ken Anderson was also recently appointed Lead Developer Advocate by the Swirlds team. In a statement Swirlds declared:

“Ken is passionate about distributed ledger technology and a distributed economy. He is experienced in developing smart contracts in Solidity and wants to make getting involved in distributed ledgers as simple as possible. In other words, Swirlds is recognising one of the top CTOs in the business.”

The Hedera Hashgraph platform provides a new form of distributed consensus; a way for people who don’t know or trust each other to securely collaborate and transact online without the need for a trusted intermediary. The platform is lightning fast, secure, and fair, and, unlike some blockchain-based platforms, doesn’t require compute-heavy proof-of-work. Hedera enables and empowers developers to build an entirely new class of distributed applications never before possible.

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