Meet AsiaX: The World’s First Crypto to Diamonds Exchange

Investors are consistently looking for new forms of investment that are open to all traders, not just hedge funds or institutional players.

One asset that has greatly benefitted from this trend are loose diamonds, which combined with crypto represent one of the most innovative and fastest growing alternatives in the retail space.

At the vanguard of this trend is AsiaX, which launched the first sovereign diamond exchange earlier this year. AsiaX’s arrival to the market helped disrupt the diamond trading industry, with a unique take on the asset class that empowers all traders.

Backed by experienced dealers with over fifteen years of experience, AsiaX has since grown to represent the largest effort to date in digitizing the diamond trade. This has been reflective in its fast-growing community, which is composed of both crypto and diamond traders in recent months.

Why Now is the Time to Trade Diamonds

Diamonds have always been seen as a form of investment, though the lack of cohesive exchanges backed by liquidity have always prevented the wider proliferation of trading capabilities.

This is no longer the case with AsiaX, which was launched with the sole intent of allowing loose diamonds holders to trade this asset in the most negotiable way possible on the market.

AsiaX is currently pioneering the space with several partnerships with other exchanges, helping forge a unique, non-custodial exchange with low fees.

Trade on the world’s largest diamond exchange at AsiaX today.

Of note, AsiaX has gone a step further, fully eliminating the need for fiat by allowing the exchange of diamonds with all major cryptocurrencies, including its native Asia Coin (ASIA).

This development is a game changer, essentially expanding diamond trading capabilities to any trader globally, irrespective of locale, currency, etc.

By removing the need for fiat entirely, loose diamonds are now available to investors in ways never envisioned, greatly benefitting an existing network of ASIA and crypto holders.

Since its inception, AsiaX has seen the total number of loose diamonds on its exchange swell from around 260,000 in August to over 400,000 currently, making it the world’s largest functioning service for diamonds.

By allowing exchange through crypto, investors are no longer forced to rely on exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or other instruments that eroded profits or agency with investing.

Instead, with AsiaX, investors are in complete control of their trading and portfolio through the digitalization of diamond trading on a larger scale than ever before.

Investors can utilize AsiaX safely by knowing all diamonds are backed by GIA grading. This transparent grading standard is globally recognized and is designed to help safeguard the gem-buying public.

AsiaX has had a busy 2021, making a splash into other secondary markets by leveraging fintech and other real merchandise into one space. Along with its innovative diamond trading capabilities, AsiaX is open to all users globally with no hidden fees.

Of note, all users can compare prices with certificates online worldwide while listing their stones with the exchange. AsiaX is also welcoming full time dealers and is already working with experienced dealers from Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, and Belgium.

AsiaX users can take advantage of the most competitive pricing on the market. Previously, these pricing structures were available only to diamond exchange bourses that are limited to ‘members only’ with very high membership requirements and fees.

AsiaX has democratized the diamond trade to empower all investors, whether you are a serious dealer or new to the space. All users can buy and sell equally for the first time, opening a wider range of possibilities for the asset class than ever before.

The exchange relies on a highly versatile search engine that gives a highly specified snapshot into over 400,000 lose diamonds for trade.

AsiaX Listed on Leading Exchanges

The other marquee development as of late has been the listing of ASIA Coin on multiple exchanges. This has helped the group’s native crypto swell in popularity as of late.

Most are currently holding ASIA on centralized exchanges due to extremely high gas on-chain fees and now the migration into decentralized wallets such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask are recommended.

With ASIA available for use on the exchange for all diamond trading capabilities, the coin’s prospects look more promising than ever moving forward.

About AsiaX

AsiaX is a decentralized exchange for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, focusing on over 70 top cryptocurrencies, loose diamonds, and over 100 trading pairs in the market today. The exchange is committed to client safety and longevity, offering unique staking benefits for several different cryptocurrencies.

The group is comprised of veterans from the foreign exchange industry, backed by over two decades of experience in the financial services space.

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