It Looks Like A Samsung And Electroneum Partnership Will Happen

Electroneum’s deal with Samsung is looking more and more likely for a number of reasons. The cryptocurrency has recently surged in value, with experts buying the coin in preparation for what is believed to a major development. A game-changing announcement has been expected for a while now and those interested in it won’t have to wait long.

Electreoneum head Richard Ells recently released a statement announcing not only a new mobile miner for Android systems, but more importantly the news that a top-secret development has been in the works. The secret development has been worked on for several months and will be revealed once Ells gets a sign-off from Dentons, one of the top ten law firms in the world. Ells goes on to say that, whatever it is, it will be revealed within the week. This has set the cryptocurrency community abuzz.

Interestingly, Dentons’ clients include some of the biggest mobile phone companies in the world, including Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. It’s possible that the recent surge in Electroneum value is down to investment by those with insider knowledge. A recent photo published on The Electroneum Facebook page included a wall painted with the company logo and a picture of a Samsung smartphone. The same imagery has also appeared on the Ethereum website. The fact that Samsung has allowed Electroneum to use their trademarked iconography shows that the two organisations have at the very least liaised with each other and given permission for integration of both brands.

Though these recent developments could be dismissed as simply coincidental, investors in the coin are eagerly anticipating the announcement of an Electroneum and Samsung partnership. Whatever the news, it’s almost certain to positively affect the price of the coin, to the delight of those who have invested in it.


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