Leading Indian Crypto Exchange Zebpay Adds Ethereum Support

Zebpay, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has added support for ethereum in their mobile application. With this announcement, more than 3 million Zebpay users will now have access to ether trading on their accounts. 

Zebpay Focuses on Growth

The company made the announcement on its official Twitter handle, noting: “Ether (ETH) is now live on Zebpay! #ETH #Ether #Ethereum.”

The same message was reiterated on their official blog as well.

The company has already added other top cryptocurrencies by market cap, like bitcoin cash, litecoin, and ripple in the past. The addition of ether was requested over Twitter by crypto fans for weeks. Finally, the wait is over though, and Indian crypto enthusiasts can officially trade all top five cryptocurrencies by market cap on Zebpay app.

Ethereum, a strong rival to bitcoin, is currently the second-most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Ethereum’s total market cap currently amounts to $81 billion USD.

Although the exchange added support for ether in their portal, at this moment, users can only exchange the cryptocurrency with fiat currency, i.e. the Indian Rupee. One cannot purchase ether with bitcoin or bitcoin cash that they hold in the same wallet.

Ethereum Added, Not Smoothly

Whenever a new crypto is added to Zebpay, some users end up facing temporary issues. Ethereum’s integration was no exception. Some users reported being unable to see an option for Ethereum trading, for example.

Notably, most of the affected users were temporarily unable to credit ether in their wallet, despite confirmation on the blockchain.

Zebpay acknowledged the issue and responded to complaints via tweet.

Cryptowave in India Continues

The addition of ether to India’s most dominant exchange spells good news for Indian cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as lately, the cryptomarket plummeted due to a misleading statement from Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

On Tuesday, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi has endorsed blockchain technology during the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) conference.

The Indian government has as yet been unable to provide a regulated crypto trading ecosystem; meanwhile, Indian crypto exchanges have gained well from the crypto craze in the country.

Should Zebpay provide a feature to inter-trade ether? Let us know down in the comments.

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