How High Will Ripple XRP Go In 2018?

Since launching, Ripple XRP has continued to make waves in the crypto world. Many people are backing the currency because they believe the technology has something unique to offer, and with support from various figures in the financial industry it’s easy to see why many consider it to be a currency on the up – but just how much potential does XRP have in 2018?

Slow and steady

While Ripple XRP reached values of $4 earlier in the year, it’s recently taken a bit of a back seat – but this doesn’t in any way mean that it’s a currency showing signs of stagnation. Instead, a slow and steady rise in value typically indicates a currency with longevity.

Ripple’s creators continue to partner with financial authorities and organisations within the banking world – much to the chagrin of Bitcoin purists who see this as a betrayal of the roots of decentralised, non-government backed cryptocurrencies in the spirit of Bitcoin

However, every partnership announcement – such as the recent deal signed with Saudi Arabia’s central bank – gives the currency a much greater public platform which in turn leads to a greater increase in sales.

Ripple 2018 predictions

While the consensus among most speculators is that Ripple XRP will peak at around $10 in value by the end of the year, some believe the potential for the currency to be far greater – around $100, in fact.

This is based on the idea that 27 trillion XRP is parked in transactional accounts. On the assumption that there is a market cap of $9.8 billion in value (based on today’s figures), and a total of 39 trillion XRP available, and if transaction times are reduced from 5 days to 3 days (which would prompt greater interest in the currency), Ripple XRP could potentially hit $100 or thereabouts by the end of the year.

While some may decry this as a pipe dream, purchasing XRP at its current rate (fluctuating between $1-2) is a surefire way to make a profit when it hits at least $10 by the end of the year – with the hope that it may perform even better.


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