GMEX Launches Trading and Post-Trade Infrastructure Platform

GMEX MultiHub Limited (GMEX), which is a newly formed unit of the GMEX Group, announced on Wednesday the launch of Digital MultiHub, a cloud-enabled trading and post-trade digital market infrastructure platform.

The new platform is delivered through platform-as-a-service and facilitates 3rd party trading as well as post-trade services across traditional and digital asset markets. 

It is providing global access to turnkey digital asset exchange, custody and governance solutions. Furthermore, it facilitates crucial services like credit allocation and checking, collateral management and margin trading, order routing, netting and settlement across multiple trading venues, custodians and participants.

“MultiHub is a unique multi-asset network of networks service that enables cross-venue, cross-participant trading, clearing and settlement of both traditional and digital assets with a single point of connectivity for both industries, which negates the need to integrate across venues,” said GMEX Group CEO, Hirander Misra.

“This complements our mission to cost-effectively drive the accelerated institutional take-up of digital assets by making it easier to trade, clear, settle and pledge them alongside traditional assets, heralding the new age of Exchange 4.0.”

Industry Standard Technology

MultiHub has been developed using the AWS Cloud, along with a development partner, Luxoft. Additionally, the company partnered with several other market participants that include Trustology, GCEX, SECDEX Group and Arabian Bourse.

“This marks a significant move in capital markets,” Alex Batlin, Founder and CEO of London-based digital assets custodian Trustology, said. “The GMEX MultiHub will drive digital transformation within the space and at the same time allows for accelerated execution and custody for institutional players as they get into or scale their digital assets activity.”

GCEX CEO, Lars Holst added: “I am now able to have a broader range of customers access our execution capabilities more efficiently and am able to convert that gain in velocity to an increase in liquidity confidence for our partners and their customers within the GMEX MultiHub community.”

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