Famous blogger hired a lawyer in response to the threats of the Bitfinex Exchange

A blogger and critic of the Bitfinex Exchange, which is registered under the @ bitfinex'ed nickname, hired a well-known lawyer against a background of prolonged confrontation with a controversial company.

Steven Palli, a law firm in Washington, DC, issued a strictly worded letter on Monday to Bitfinex attorney general Stuart Högner. In the letter, Palli warned that if he finds that the exchange is linked to the "threats" that were made against his client, "there will be legal consequences."

The lawyer of the blogger contacted the management of the Bitfinex exchange

Palli wrote in a letter to Högner:

"As you know, threats have been made and continue to be used against @ bitfinex'ed. If we learn that your employees are directly or indirectly liable for these threats or if any harm is caused to @ bitfinex'ed – these threats will have legal consequences. "

Palli's relationship with the blogger began in December, when the management of the exchange publicly threatened lawsuits against @ bitfinex'ed.

Representatives of the exchange, at the moment, did not respond to the letter. Palli, in turn, refused to specify the nature of the threats, citing the safety of his client. But @ bitfinex'ed said last year that "someone offered a reward for personal information about the blogger."

He writes critical and detailed reports on the exchange since August last year. Many of his reports focused on the relationship between Bitfinex and Tether (USDT), a token linked to the US dollar.

According to the blogger, Tether (which has common ownership and management with Bitfinex) issues more USDT than has dollars in the bank to artificially inflate the cost of Bitcoin.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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