Egretia Educational Series 3: How To Develop on Egretia? | BTCMANAGER

Welcome to the educational series of Egretia. Here we discuss all the different components of the Egretia ecosystem. 

Gaming and Blockchain

If you like to code and like to play games, we recommend you to start building your own game with our developer engine. Click here to visit our page that provides the download links and information on how to use our developers engine. The Egret Engine has all the necessary tools and features for you to start developing your idea. It is a one-stop blockchain game development platform providing access for all developers to enter the blockchain gaming industry. The workflow includes 14 products such as the engine itself, an IDE visual editor, animation tools, cross-platform packaging tools, and more. All tools are cross-platform and support both Windows and Mac. Below you can find an overview of all the different tools you can use to develop your project:


Once you start working on your idea, we will provide support to make your game flourish into our ecosystem. For instance, we recently announced a deep strategic partnership with Hydax. Both parties will focus on developing a gaming incubation, expanding the gaming engine and provide a platform for Initial Game Offerings (IGOs). Our aim is to foster high-quality projects and expand the application scenarios of blockchain gaming on our platform. Once you join us, we will continuously provide support to let you grow inside the blockchain gaming economy.

There are already many games available to play that have been developed.. However, the blockchain gaming industry is still in its infancy allowing for a lot of growth opportunities for you as an aspiring developer. Even more, as HTML5 technology is increasingly becoming more popular and easy for users it will allow for billions of people in the future to easily get access to the games you develop. They don’t need to download or install anything. They only need a smartphone with an internet connection to play the game you have developed. Come develop your game so we can change the gaming industry together!

Next week the next educational article will be published discussing how you xxx. If you have anything you like us to write about please visit our Telegram channel and let us know: Stay tuned! 


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