From Davos to D.C., Academy Leads Discussions on Future of Blockchain

GRAND CAYMAN, The Cayman Islands, March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Academy – School of Blockchain (“Academy”) is driving the future of tech education by leading discussions on education and emerging technologies in the US and around the globe.

In January, Academy founder and CEO John Souza, together with co-founder Jason King, led discussions on the future of tech education at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Together with world and industry leaders, they considered the opportunities and challenges presented by a complex, digital, decentralized future enabled by blockchain.

“Through emerging tech education, we can realize both the transformative power of blockchain technologies and empower those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to build a better future for themselves and the world,” said King. “Blockchain’s an opportunity to foster a more inclusive and diverse tech sector, ensuring our workforce, especially women, obtain the skills needed for the technology revolution.”

Souza continued these discussions in Washington, D.C. in early February. An ongoing theme in conversations with educators, tech advocates, and legislators has been around the critical challenges posed by the speed of development in emerging fields. According to Souza, traditional education models cannot keep up with the pace of change, and they often lack alignment with what the industry actually needs.

“Education in the emerging technology space must be fully integrated with the rapidly changing needs of each sector. Take blockchain. Blockchain is still an emerging field,” said Souza. “We’re forging ahead through courses designed by pioneers in the industry. They know what the industry needs now and what it will need in the future. Without this kind of alignment, other programs will fail.”

And if education fails, so too does the blockchain industry. The blockchain developer shortage threatens to cripple the industry – and with more than $4 billion invested in blockchain projects since 2016, this failure would have significant financial and social repercussions. “Emerging technologies have the potential to solve many of the world’s critical issues,” said Souza. “But we need to address the education lag now, before some of the industry’s most pioneering projects fail.”

Souza and King presented their solution to address the education shortage in the blockchain sector through the world’s first accredited blockchain training program: Academy – School of Blockchain. The first Academy blockchain developers graduate in early March, with plans for training 1,500 more developers by the end of 2018.

“There are people out there with blockchain projects that could change the world. We want to be a part of the future of these revolutionary projects by training the developers that build them. Education is the real key to unlocking the potential of blockchain technologies,” said Souza.

About Academy – School of Blockchain
Academy – School of Blockchain is the world’s first accredited school for blockchain. Academy enables the future of blockchain projects worldwide by addressing the growing blockchain developer shortage. Academy is a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-CASI) through Kingsland University and is an internationally recognized higher education institution.

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Picture Image:   Academy founder and CEO John Souza in Washington D.C. to lead talks on the future of education

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