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Steve Bannon is a polarizing figure, in much the same way that the Guillotine polarized French aristocrats and their heads. And in a new discussion reported by Die Weltwoche in Zürich, Switzerland, he wholeheartedly endorses blockchain technology as something that will “empower” us all, and lift us out of the quagmire of centralized control.

Of course, the left despises Bannon because he was essentially the brains behind Donald Trump, a populist nationalist back when there was some semblance of a point to this presidency.

The right despises Bannon because they consider his quest for power to be massively self-serving, and his social conservative values to be deeply questionable.

But politics is a circle, and the farther left or right you venture, the more likely you are to meet yourself in the middle. Stalin and Hitler may illustrate the point admirably.

Steve Bannon is the embodiment of all that the left and right hate because he cannot be easily defined. He is someone who essentially refuses to kow-tow to the established identity politics that define American elections, and who instead seems intent on destroying the institutions that he perceives as having damaged the country.

In the cryptocurrency community, some are here for the same anarchic, disestablishmentarian reasons that Bannon espouses. And others are here because they want to make the maximum amount of money as fast as they possibly can, which Bannon also espouses.

It’s a space in which the left and the right make strange bedfellows; in which greed and generosity co-exist in a manner unimaginable even to Prius drivers.

This is the space that Steve Bannon occupies: between seething nationalism, economic imperialism, and social liberalism there is one unshaven, grubby, advocate of cryptocurrency who appears, at first glance, to capture a movement.

“That new currency is what is going to empower… empower this [populist] movement… empower companies… empower governments… to get away from the central banks that keep you on slave wages, keep you on the spinning wheel, slaves to death… You’re just serfs. Once you take control of your data, once you take control of your currency, and once you take control of your citizenship, that’s when we’re going to have true freedom.”

Say what you like about Steve Bannon (and I wouldn’t blame you) – but holy shit, that’s the best damn summation of this “movement” I’ve ever heard. It just sounds right.

And that really, really fucking scares me, actually. Because while it may resonate with you (just as it did with me), there’s not actually a whole lot to that statement. It seems to unite us, left and right, against a common alienating force – but all it really says is that the bad guys (bankers) own us all and must be destroyed.

It’s not the first time that message has been promoted: a very famous person once said:

“If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things.”

It was Adolf Hitler. And the bankers were historically Jewish.

Dangerous people make dangerous sense

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