Correspondent of CNBC: regulators around the world are beginning to calmly refer to the crypto-currency

Correspondent for Technology at CNBC Arjun Harpal сказалthat regulators around the world are beginning to weaken their position on the crypto currency, despite the recent events in China and South Korea.

The regulatory framework for crypto-currencies is still at the stage of formation in most countries. For example, the European Union, has not yet decided on the number of rules that it must establish for the virtual market.

Conclusions from the expert

Nevertheless, it seems that, on the whole, the regulators are beginning to be more calm about the crypto currency, at least so says the correspondent of CNBC Arjun Harpal.

The expert believes that the ICO area brings a very strong headache for regulators, especially given the lack of protection and transparency for investors. A recent example is the ICO PlexCoin, which deceived investors by promising revenues of more than 1000%.

The European Commission for the Regulation of Crypto-Currency also does not support the ICO. EU Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis came to the conclusion that, although ICO is a possible innovative engine for firms in terms of attracting capital, it is still a very dangerous tool for investors.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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