CODI Finance, New DeFi Ecosystem Built On Solana, Announces Integration with Chainlink

CODI Finance, a premium DeFi ecosystem with features such as IDO Launchpad Protocol, Decentralized Exchange, and NFT Marketplace, has the private sale of its native token “$CODI.”. Don’t miss out until it’s not too late. Find out more by contacting here: [email protected]


CODI Finance is a Solana-powered ecosystem that includes a decentralized exchange (DEX), an IDO launchpad, and a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol, among other things. The integration with Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network intends to protect features on their platforms like as cross-chain IDO pools, futures protocol, and staking pools by gaining access to high-quality, tamper-proof pricing feeds.

CODI intends to calm early investors’ fears by showing that its Launchpad protocol is scalable, interoperable, and secure. CODI Finance further said that Chainlink’s infrastructure is straightforward to integrate and has been time-tested in production, which is why it picked Chainlink as its go-to Oracle solution. They also claimed that Chainlink is already the leader in DeFi protocols, which are responsible for billions of dollars in smart contract transactions. Furthermore, even during exchange outages, flash crashes, and flash loan assaults, chainlink has maintained good security and availability.

In summary, CODI possesses the following characteristics:

– DeFi product that is faster, cheaper, and more powerful.

– Implementation of the NFT marketplace

– Anonymity and security

– System dependability

More about CODI

Solana’s potential to disrupt the status quo of monopolistic and bureaucratic power structures in the crypto industry has been recognized by astute investors. Solana provides unrivalled security, lightning-fast blockchain speeds, and significantly lower transaction costs, which are expected to usher in a new DeFi era. Solana, on the other hand, has been steadily and consistently growing. This growth can be attributed to the company’s rapid innovation in the DeFi space. It has a large fan base for a reason, as it continues to implement evidence-based strategic measures that foster trust among users and fans.

The integration of CODI Finance with Chainlink is a major statement from the firm, showcasing their dedication to create a world-class DeFi solution that will stand the test of time and give consumers with an exceptional experience that only a few can match.

Details About CODI’s Private sale

Total available supply – 99,000,000 CODI tokens

Closing date: November 14th, 2021

Token price – 0.02 USD with four-month vesting period;
Token price – 0.03 USD w/o vesting period;

If you want to participate in the private sale, please send an email to [email protected], and our sales management team will walk you through the steps.

Final Thoughts

Individuals and institutional investors are increasingly investing in cryptocurrency, which is fueling the industry’s growth. They are beginning to see the benefits of technology and the possibilities of decentralization. CODI is one of the few intriguing projects that provide genuine public benefits in a streamlined interface, faster blockchain, and lower gas prices.

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