Celsius Brings on Board Carl Hua as Its New Chief Architect

Celsius announced that it has recently recruited Carl Hua as its new Chief Architect, effective immediately.

In a press release shared with Finance Magnates, Carl Hua, a leader in software engineering with more than ten years of experience, has been onboarded as the new Chief Architect of Celsius, the industry-leading cryptocurrency rewards-earning platform, to lead its DeFi research and development team.

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Hua brings extensive knowledge and experience to his new role at Celcius. He plans to establish the platform as an industry leader for the future of DeFi research and development.

Working Back through Hua’s Vocation

Earlier to the announcement made by Celcius, Hua joined Ripple in September 2019 as its Head of DeFi Engineering at Ripple’s Xpring. After a year, he received a promotion and took on the additional responsibilities as its Head of Engineering, XRP Ledger.

Prior to his role at Ripple, he served Logos Network as its Chief Technology Officer. For approximately eighteen months, he contributed to developing the next generation blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Before his experience at Ripple, NASA recruited him as an Advanced Flight Software Engineer in its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in April 2016. Here, he specialised in mission-critical, hard real-time software with in-depth RTOS expertise for about two years.

At Northrop Grumman Corporation he completed a stint of six and a half years. He joined the corporation in September 2009 and started as an Embedded Software Engineer. After three years, he received a promotion to be named as its Preflight Software Project Lead. Located in San Diego, his success led to his second promotion when he became a Manned Flight Software Manager. Over the next sixteen months, he spent his time specialising in fully redundant, state of the art, safety, mission and flight critical flight software.

The Future of Celcius

Hua’s most recent accomplishments include his charge of Ripple’s open-source/developers platform business unit. Further, he co-managed the C++ (XRP Ledger) team in the time. He also spends his personal time advising early-stage start-ups on blockchain space navigation.

“Carl Hua brings the knowledge and expertise necessary to establish Celsius as the industry-leader of next-generation DeFi research and development. The future of Celsius will bridge the best elements of DeFi and CeFi, further cementing us as the ultimate crypto earning and lending platform,” said Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius.

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