Blockchain Conference Moscow – the largest CIS crypt conference and exhibition

17-18 April in Moscow will be the annual, the largest in the CIS exhibition-conference Blockchain Conference Moscow. The event is devoted to business applications of blocking, as well as the regulation of Crypto-Currency and ICO.

In the seventh event, foreign and domestic blockbuster entrepreneurs, founders and CEO of start-ups, venture investors and experts in legislation will take part.

It is expected that the event will beat the record of the last Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, held in November 2017. Then the event gathered more than 2 000 guests, 40 speakers and 60 exhibitors of the exhibition area. Experts of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation recognized the event as the largest in the CIS. According to the deputy head of the center Gleb Pokatovich, the conference proved that the block sector has grown out of the "technological sandbox" and is actively expanding its borders.

The event program

The conference is divided into two streams: the first is dedicated to block-based solutions in the field of Fintech, the second – to development and marketing.

Within the framework of the Fintech stream, issues related to ICO investment and investment, legislation, taxation, trading, conversion and mining will be considered.

The participants in the stream will share their findings and forecasts:

– what is happening in the market of block-development and how to apply them in business;
– will we witness a collapse of the market and a loss of confidence in the ICO;
– whether the crypto industry in 2018 expects new records.

Experts in the field of legislation will pay attention to the regulation of digital currencies in Russia and abroad.
The focus of attention will be the initiatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and the State Duma. In particular:

– Is it really creation of a cryptorub, developed by the Central Bank, three core ministries and the Presidential Administration;
– Will mining be recognized as entrepreneurial activity and taxed, and will the government be able to determine the requirements for its procedure?
– whether the Central Bank does not recognize the crypto currency as a means of payment;
– will the maximum amount of funding for Russian ICOs be limited in accordance with the proposal of the Ministry of Finance and other issues.

Leaders of marketing campaigns ICO and international cryptoprojects will perform in the "development and mining" hall. Participants will share the secrets of successful promotion in the media, search engines, YouTube and social networks.

At the exhibition, which promises to be even larger than in 2017, software and equipment for mining (solutions for building farms, cooling systems), cryptomatics, smart devices based on the block, electronic wallets, exchanges, analytical services, solutions in the field of cybersecurity, as well as services to promote crypto projects.

It is expected that the exhibition will beat the record for the area and the number of exhibitors: at the moment the exponential of Blockchain Conference Moscow 2017 is considered to be the largest in the world.

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Author: Damir Shaymardanov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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