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During the last couple of years, the bitcoin casino market has rapidly grown, as numerous companies and players noticed that there are significant benefits associated to gambling via bitcoin, when compared to traditional currencies.

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Because of the growing number of crypto-based casinos, finding the right one has become quite the treasure hunt, as player expectations tend to vary, and most casinos do not offer the same experience.

Bitcoin.Casino represents a popular website, which provides reviews of all online casinos currently accepting bitcoin for deposit. The website’s mission is to provide reliable and unbiased reviews of bitcoin-accepting casinos, remain updated at all times, keep players up-to-date with the policies and trust status of gambling websites, offer gaming resources to improve strategy and gambling skills, and last but not least, give players access to the latest bonus codes.

When it comes down to their reviews, Bitcoin.Casino has strict editorial guidelines, meant to assure that relevant and correct information is provided at all times. With this in mind, Bitcoin.Casino checks multiple aspects prior to publishing a review. Some of these include: user-friendliness, whether the design is functional for players, how easy it is to sign-up for an account, any unique features, shuffling support, house edge, mobile apps, customer support responsiveness, and more.

Apart from the features that have been outlined so far, players will be able to enjoy free casino games, such as slots and blackjack, by being offered 1,000 free casino chips, hence no need to wager any money.

Additionally, Bitcoin.Casino also provides readers with an extensive list of digital currency wallets, which can be used safely when gambling.

Not many are aware of this, but Bitcoin.Casino has set the record for the highest price paid for a .casino domain until now. This happened back in February 2017, when the domain was purchased for $28,000.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, those who are curious in reading the reviews, can head to Bitcoin.Casino.

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