Bitcoin-фьючерсы CBOE закрываются в среду

The next escalation of the Bitcoin futures of the Chicago Option Exchange (CBOE) is scheduled for the middle of this week, 14 March.

Currently, four monthly contracts for Bitcoin are traded on the exchange. The nearest of them expires on Wednesday.

According to the data, for the past week the contract was traded in the price gap between the minimum indicator of $ 8380 and the maximum in $ 11710 with a difference of 28,4%.

Such a volatility was facilitated by the announcement of the SEC on mandatory registration of online platforms that deal with the trade in digital currencies.

Limited time for CBOE trades increases risks for investors

It is expected that this week, among other factors affecting the value of Bitcoin, there may be added volatility, which is also associated with the expiration of the contract.

Since Bitcoin trades without interruptions, and the CBOE working hours are limited, the movement of the value of the Crypto-currency at the weekend is not taken into account by the exchange, because of which some investors may lose their money, reports Forbes.

Before the February espiration of futures, many users expected lowering prices Bitcoin, based on the state of the market before the close of trading in January, however, this did not happen.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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