3 Reasons Why Not To Worry About Stellar Downtrend

Recently Stellar has had some trouble within the cryptocurrency market. The payment network has been down -11% and also up 3.6% against Bitcoin. Could this mean they are no longer a competitor for Ethereum? These new developments could be of huge concern to investors in Stellar. However here are the 3 reasons the recent downtrend should not concern anyone too much:

1. Their system
The protocol used for it, The Stellar Consensus Protocol (or SCP) is primarily based and focused on making the currency compatible with use within the real world. The implementation of Stellar as a financial infrastructure within the real world is paramount for the system’s developers. Not only that, the SCP also offers a secure and decentralised system which gives Stellar both stability and security. This protocol is extremely attractive for cryptocurrency users who want safety and reliability.

2. Their drive
The main purpose of Stellar is to develop and advance the technology within itself. They want to keep their user fees as low as possible. Fees are more often than not non existent. Fees are only charged in order to deal with the prevention of Denial-of-service attacks.

3. The exceptional people behind the platform
The team who run Stellar are far from amateurs. Their combined expertise and experience make them the best group of cryptocurrency developers anyone could ask for. Their combined extensive work on distribution of systems and security of the blockchain make them a dream come true for anyone unsure of which coin to invest in. They are the Expendables of cyber currency advancement. Amongst their group is the pioneering Jed McCaleb, without whom we wouldn’t have p2p file sharing. Users of Stellar can be sure they are in safe hands with such exceptional experts in charge of developing the platform.

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