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In early June, hundreds of poker videos were removed from YouTube.

Jamie Staples, Evan Jarvis as well as other famous poker vlogger channels have been affected by sanctions. However, it won’t prevent you from using bitcoin gambling 1xbit.com.

The first victim in that move was Jamie Staples. He has run his YouTube channel for four years. He has up to 66,000 subscribers. What ’s more, last year Jamie and his brother Matt won a bet for weight loss from Bill Perkins, grasping $150,000.

In his most popular video, Jamie commented on the game in Spin&Go, for the first place in which $1,000,000 was expected, and it scored more than 800,000 views:

On May 31, Jamie tweeted that two videos in which he talked about betting on weight loss and playing a ticket to the PokerStars Championship in the Bahamas were deleted:

– It’s awfully sad. Poker is legally recognized as an intelligent game in many countries, and at one of the largest media platforms you aren’t allowed to talk about it because it can be “dangerous”. That’s unfair. My key objective is to change such an outrageous perception of poker.

After that, the video from the channel started to disappear at light speed, and in a couple of days, up to 150 videos were already removed!

Besides this, another streamer was hit by the YouTube administration. Last week, Evan Jarvis woke up and found a warning on his channel. However, he didn’t pay much attention to this, but in the evening he discovered another warning.

– I’m lost, scared, and worried about my YouTube channel. After 10 years of hard work without any violations, I received two warnings for one day. Can I lose my channel after two more warnings?

A warning on YouTube is given for posting content that is contrary to the rules of the media platform. First, they send you a notification, and if you repeat the violation, you will receive the first warning. You won’t be able to upload videos during the week, and the administration will closely watch your account for 90 days. For violation of the trial period, you will be given another warning, and after the third warning, your channel and all the videos on it will be permanently deleted.

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