US Covid Metrics Reverse Trend As Winter Approaches

As the winter approaches, two Covid metrics have started showing a reverse trend in the United States.

An uptick is being recorded in the number of Covid cases in recent weeks, that was falling since the beginning of the Autumn.

The weekly average of Covid cases increased by 29 percent in a fortnight to 93,689, as per latest data compiled by the New York Times.

After months of consistent decline in the number of people being hospitalized in the United States due to coronavirus infection, Covid hospitalizations are moving in the reverse direction.

The seven-day average of Covid hospitalization rose by 6 percent in a space of two weeks to 50,113.

In a sign of relief, Covid fatalities that were being reported in a range of around 2000 per day have come down significantly.

Deaths due to the pandemic fell by 9 percent in two weeks. 1,113 deaths are the current weekly average.

With 28719 new cases reporting on Sunday, the total number of Covid infections in the country rose to 47,731,237, as per the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

105 deaths reported on the same day took the national total to 771,118.

New York reported the most number of cases – 8805 – and COVID-related deaths – 33.

Sunday’s lower metrics, as a rule, are attributed to reporting delays on holidays.

38,463,041 people have so far recovered from the disease in the country.

As per the latest data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 196,284,442 people in the United States, or 59.1 percent of the population, have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. This includes 86.3 percent of people above 65.

230,298,744 people, or 69.4 percent of the population, have received at least one dose.

35,393,770 vaccine doses have been administered so far nationally.

35,393,770 people have so far received booster doses, which accounts for 18 percent of the population.

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