This upcoming non-gambling no smoking Las Vegas hotel is designed for the health-focused traveler — see inside

  • A non-gaming, non-smoking hotel in Las Vegas will begin construction in July and open in 2024.
  • Majestic will have a robust fitness, health, and wellness spa, and will be topped with corporate suites.
  • The hotel says this concept is the "first of its kind."
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If you think Las Vegas isn't for you because you don't smoke or gamble, the Vegas tides will soon be turned in your favor.

Majestic, a non-gaming and non-smoking hotel in Las Vegas, will begin construction in July. If all goes well, the hotel will be completed in 2024 and will sit across the way from the Las Vegas Convention Center and Boring Company's highly anticipated tunnel.

 Instead of gaming areas, the hotel will feature a robust fitness, wellness, and medical spa, as well as a collection of restaurants surrounding a courtyard.

According to the hotel's website, Majestic's health-focused concept will be the "first of its kind."

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"[We] wanted to create a different type of space that Las Vegas truly needed," Lorenzo Doumani, Majestic's developer, told Insider in an email interview.

Keep scrolling to see inside the Las Vegas hotel that defies all Vegas stereotypes:

The hotel is a long time coming.

According to a news release from August 2019, the $850 million, 620-foot tall building will sit on six acres of land that the now-defunct Clarion Hotel once sat on.

Doumani initially purchased the Clarion Hotel for $22.5 million, the Las Vegas Sun reported, and the former hotel was officially demolished in 2015.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

In the ashes of the old hotel rose the works of a new, wellness and corporate focused hotel.

For those who may carry residual fears about traveling due to COVID-19, Doumani says the hotel is, by its design, a "health environment."

Unlike other Las Vegas hotels that pack people, including smokers, into enclosed casinos, Majestic has plenty of outdoor leisure space.

These outdoor spaces include the piazza, which will house the hotel's restaurant offerings.

Las Vegas is known for its plush dining options, and the Majestic doesn't deviate from this.

Majestic will have six restaurants that will surround the piazza's courtyard, offering both indoor and outdoor space.

To all the gamblers used to the typical Las Vegas flair, the hotel's non-gaming stance doesn't mean it'll be boring.

Majestic will have a robust wellness center and medical spa for all its health-focused patrons.

The 70,000-square-foot spa will sit across four floors …

… and will offer "physical, fitness, and nutrition counseling."

This includes spa treatments, yoga, and spinning, to name a few perks.

For those looking for a more personalized touch, the facility will also offer custom fitness routines and a personal nutritionist.

Like any other Las Vegas property, visitors looking to lounge under the Vegas sun can do so by the pool.

The pool will be accompanied by 50 cabanas and opportunities to see live entertainment.

The swimming area will also have a set of international newspapers and Turkish coffee for those who just want to lounge around and catch up on the news.

Guests interested in the Majestic can stay in the hotel's 720 suites.

With that being said, Majestic is not "all play, no work."

The property will also have 35 corporate "sky suites" …

… that will be perched on floors 51 to 60.

The units will encompass anywhere between 4,700 square-feet to 25,000 square-feet, ranging from 25% of the floor to the entire floor.

In typical luxurious fashion, the ceilings will sit at 16 feet tall and will have views of the city.

As a result, the corporate suites range from $10 million to a $100 million penthouse …

… and will have multiple potential corporate uses, like serving as a meeting space or a business headquarter.

Sky suite owners will also have their own concierge and access to the "Owner's Club."

Despite the hotel's three-year construction timeline, the suites can be purchased starting this year.

According to Doumani, these suites are meant for major sports leagues and Fortune 500 tech, entertainment, and fashion companies.

But overall, the hotel's target customer base will be "super discerning business and health-oriented travelers that don't want to be among the masses."

Despite the contemporary look of the hotel, the early days of Las Vegas served as the inspiration behind the project, according to Doumani.

Doumani, who grew up in Las Vegas, found that the city was becoming more corporate and less intimate, especially as "mega-resorts" started popping up.

At that point, Las Vegas "became all about numbers" in an attempt to keep these large hotels full of guests, according to Doumani.

"No VIP treatment unless you were a high roller," Doumani wrote. "Everyone was just a number, no personalized service."

According to Doumani, the new hotel will pay homage to "early, intimate Las Vegas."

"There are lots of spectacular mega-resort casinos in Las Vegas," Doumani wrote. "But until now, there has never been a five-star space where everyone is treated like a high roller."

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