The media lost its collective mind: Varney

Varney: The media has lost its collective mind

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on the mainstream media losing sight of what is really important to Americans.

The media has lost its collective mind.

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I was away for a week, and when you look at the news from a distance, it is striking how irrelevant the headlines really are to our daily lives. It’s obvious the media has no intention of covering the issues that really make a difference to the way we live.

To me, your job, your income, your home, your standard of living, are of genuine importance. But the media doesn't see it that way.

At the start of my vacation, the headlines were dominated by "Sharpiegate." That’s the one about the president altering a weather map! As a headline, that’s laughable. But it was a major story for days.

Then came the attack on the Saudi oil industry: you'd think the sky was falling! Gas prices would spike! Trump would get us into a war! It was over-the-top punditry, dressed up as news.

After that, it was Friday’s climate strike—an opportunity for high-schoolers to cut class. Nobody pointed out that America is the champion of carbon emission cuts! Oh no!


And now, the media is revisiting impeachment because of the whistleblower and the president's call to Ukraine. But that could rebound! What was Hunter Biden doing in Ukraine anyway?

What a week! You'd think America was done, finished. Mired in corruption. Heading for recession or worse, and led by a man not fit to be president.

Hardly a word about the economy. It was ignored. That’s because jobs, wages, growth, and prosperity are the president's strong suit, and coverage of anything positive for the president is forbidden. Women and minorities making huge strides in the job market. That’s a real breakthrough in America. Hardly a word about it. “Sharpiegate" was evidently more important.

And what do we have today? All the stock market indicators are within a few points of all-time, record highs.

Thank heaven investors are ignoring the media's contempt for this president. Check your 401(k).


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