Opinion: Lawyer Chris Seeger wants to right the NFL’s despicable race-norming wrong

Chris Seeger is eating lunch on an outside patio and it's a hot day. He's smiling, talkative and friendly, the heat failing to slow him. Seeger doesn't seem like the devil that some people say he is. That's because he's not.

If you don't know the name Chris Seeger, you should, and will. He's been, quietly, one of the most influential figures in recent NFL history. That's not an exaggeration. That's because Seeger represented players in the historic $765 million settlement in 2013 and, nearly a decade later, continues to fight the NFL. That earlier version of the settlement has since become an uncapped settlement, is generally viewed as worth a billion dollars, and so far has already paid more than $850 million in claims.

Seeger became a more well-known name because recently, in an interview with ABC News, he apologized for his role in the NFL's practice of race-norming.

"I was wrong. I didn't have a full appreciation of the scope of the problem," Seeger said. "You think you know everything. Sometimes you don't. But the closer I looked, the more I realized that this had to go.

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