NBC’s Olympics coverage includes marquee events on Peacock streaming service

NEW YORK — Executives at NBC Sports are betting on choice when it comes to viewing the Tokyo Olympics, which they are hyping as the “biggest and most impactful media event ever.”

The choice entails fans being able to pick and choose the events they want to watch, no matter what time zone they reside in, as a way to get more eyeballs on television screens.

But for the expected millions of fans who are used to watching the main Olympic events, such as gymnastics, track and field and men’s basketball, on NBC, there will be a new way of watching.

The streaming service Peacock will broadcast women’s and men’s gymnastics, along with every Team USA men’s basketball game, plus the men’s and women’s 100-meter finals. Those events will be shown live, while those watching during primetime on NBC will get a package of select broadcasts.

NBC Sports executives laid out their plans for the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday, just 30 days out from the Opening Ceremony on July 23. Because NBC’s investment is so large (NBC Universal is paying the International Olympic Committee $7.75 billion for the Olympics through 2032), the TV ratings will play a big part of whether these Games are called a success.

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