Mercedes EQXX Model To Feature 620 Mile Range

German auto giant Mercedes Benz has recently announced a new concept EV that will be able to run 620 miles on a single charge, almost 220 miles more than Tesla Inc.’s (TSLA) S Long Range edition offers.

Ola Kallenius, the chief of Mercedes, said, “The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is how we imagine the future of electric cars.”

The vehicle, a variant of the EQS, has been meticulously engineered by the company to be lighter, more efficient, more aerodynamic on every part. The manufacturer’s research and development wing has collaborated with its F1 and FE experts to come up with what can be called an engineering marvel.

Vision EQXX will feature a battery 30% lighter and 50% smaller than the already in production EQS. Despite being smaller in size, the battery will pack 100 kWh power. The announcement also claimed that the vehicle will use 95% of its energy to power the wheels.

On paper, the EV will run more than 6 miles per kWh. Apart from that, the car will also have a thin solar rooftop panel to add another 15 miles to the range.

The makers are using every measure to make the car as light as it can be by using magnesium wheels and aluminum alloy breaks. The suspensions are also going to be made of glass fiber with plastic reinforcement. The end product is expected to weigh around 1,750 kg or 3,858 lbs.

Another aspect of the car that will contribute immensely to its superior range, is its aerodynamic shape. The drag coefficient of the car is expected to be around cd 0.17, almost half of Porsche’s 911.

The only EV that comes close to the range claimed by Mercedes is Toyota’s Prius with 588 miles. The chief technology officer of Daimler, Mercedes’ parent body, Markus Schaffer, hopes that the company will be ready to mass-produce the key features used in the EQXX model by 2024.

The company has not put a date on its futuristic blueprint but the presence of the “Vision” has surely turned heads.

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