How Every State Is Managing Schools During The Pandemic

Many hoped the holidays would provide a respite from the unpredictability of schools’ schedules. Even after the winter break, if and how school can stay open changes almost on a daily basis. 

24/7 Wall St. reviewed guidelines released by state governors and health and education departments as well as news articles to create a current list of school restrictions and re-closures in every state.

Daily temperature checks at the door, mask wearing, and staying socially distant were already the new normal for school kids. They have by now also become accustomed to sudden closures after students or staff tested positive for COVID-19. 

However, since November, school closures have lasted more than a few days, with some moving to full-time online instruction even after the winter break. With the coronavirus pandemic still wreaking havoc on the U.S., switching to remote learning until further notice is increasingly an option. Teachers in some states are recommending that schools close for in person instruction and remain that way until the rest of the academic year. 

The parameters for shutting down schools for in-person instruction are not uniform and are up to each school to determine. At the beginning of the school year, some schools decided to go fully remote only after one confirmed COVID-19 case. Later, school districts didn’t shut down a school until dozens of COVID-19 cases were confirmed. Now, some schools move to full-time remote learning just as a precaution if there is a rise in infections in the community. 

Almost a year after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S., the pandemic continues to spread across the country even as the COVID-19 vaccinations began nationwide. From Dec. 19 to Dec. 2020 — here is a timeline of coronavirus spread.

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