WonderHero Launches a P2E Mobile Game with 10 Major Guilds, over $2.5 million of NFTs Sold in Hours

WonderHero has launched its mobile-based play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game featuring ten major guilds.

WonderHero Launches a Mobile-based RPG Game, over $2.5 million of NFTs Sold

According to a press release on January 26, the NFT-infused role-playing game (RPG) will feature ten major guilds with scholars from Asia, South America, and across the world.

The YGGSEA guild from South East Asia, the largest by scholar count, has over 39k Discord members and more than 3,288 scholars. Other notable guilds include PGG, with over 89,500 members and 1,500 scholars. Meanwhile, the Traction guild catering for the Brazilian community has 3,000 scholars. The BreederDAO guild from the Philippines provides high-volume asset production for active guilds.

Ethan Ng said the game’s launch complete with ten guilds is a significant achievement that also marks the beginning of the Guild vs. Guild (GvG) era. It also further highlights the demand for play-to-earn games:

“Launching with 10 Guilds for us is a big achievement and spells the beginning of GvG era, with WonderHero spearheading this frontier to transform the gaming industry, players’ gaming passion is now their greatest asset.”

A Force in the Multi-Billion Blockchain Gaming Industry

Thus far, the game has been warmly received as over $2.5 million of in-game NFT assets have been purchased a few hours after release.

Gamers have a new way of earning more from their activities thanks to NFTs. In a blockchain industry that could reach $325 billion by 2027, gamers are at the fore to be the primary beneficiaries, with NFTs in the picture.

WonderHero is leveraging the blockchain and its capabilities to bring more traditional gamers into the blockchain and cryptocurrency fold. By launching with ten guilds, WonderHero has catalyzed their race and communicated to the community of their plans to be a major player in the long haul. Their immediate objective is to bring more players into the wildly popular GameFi space, where rewards will be distributed through their duo-token system.

WonderHero Locks over $4.1 million in TVL

Earlier, WonderHero raised $1.845 million from investors and has over $4.1 million in TVL from their staking program. They also sold 5,000 NFT boxes on the Binance NFT platform in a record 30 seconds. At the same time, their internal NFT marketplace has facilitated the trading of 2.4k NFTs, turning in $120k of trading volumes in the first two weeks after the marketplace launched in mid-December 2021.

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