The technology blockchain will help the American homeless to solve the problem of identity

The stolen or lost identity card closes 7 000 homeless in Austin, Texas, access to essential services such as medical care, housing and potential employment. To help solve these problems, the city wants to use blockchain technology.

This technology can be used to create unique digital identifiers for the homeless, which will allow them to recover their data.

This idea is one of 35, which Bloomberg Philanthropies selected from more than 300 applications for the 2018 US Mayors Challenge testing phase. A kind of Challenge offers American cities to find technological solutions to their most pressing problems. The most interesting ideas will receive grants in the amount of 100000. Ideas will be revised in August. Four cities will be awarded 1 million dollars, and the winner will receive a grand prize of 5 million dollars to realize their zadumok.

The city of Cary, North Carolina, wants to combat the abuse of opioids by testing the system for measuring the concentration of opioid metabolites in wastewater. The system will display the consumption of opioids in real time and activate preventive interventions.

In Florida, where sea level rise is already flooding coastal cities, Miami and Miami Beach want to develop a system for collecting and exchanging data, where floods will occur. This can help people redirect their trips to avoid flooded streets and find out where not to buy real estate. This could also help to make decisions about investing in public infrastructure.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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