Risk vs Opportunity in Decentralized Venture Capital – TOP 5 Upcoming Public Sales to Watch in 2022!

Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) offers an average or business-centered person the opportunity to invest.  

But who exactly is a venture capitalist? A venture capitalist (VC) is usually a private equity investor who invests in high-potential businesses in exchange for a stake in the company. An example of Venture Capital investment is sponsoring new initiatives or small firms that want to develop but don’t have access to the stock. 

What is Decentralized Venture Capital based on? 

In short terms, a Decentralized Venture Capital investment offers everyone the exposure to projects in early-stage development thanks to application of tokenization. It allows to make the investment decentralized and give projects the opportunity to get a better start as a new initiative in the market.

This can be done by private investors which gives them the advantage of buying the token at a lower price than the investors joining the public sale/TGE (Token Generating Event). Usually, the acquired tokens have a particular vesting schedule to avoid price dumps. 

Afterward, the VC can either sell part of/all tokens to recover the capital/take profits or hold/stake the cryptocurrency if they still believe the project has potential (VC funds usually have a direct line of communication with the projects team). 

A good collaboration between the VC and the project is essential for the project’s long-term success. Thus, certain VCs have gained an excellent reputation for the partnership they’ve established. 

In 2021, Decentralized Venture Capital trend seems to have expanded, and numerous opportunities seem to be on the skyline! Let’s see what the next year is preparing for us, and which are the best upcoming public sales to watch! 

Top 5 Decentralized Venture Capital platforms  

Stacker Ventures 

As the generally Decentralized Venture Capital promises, Stacker Ventures gives permissionless and transparent investing alternatives to the average user, offering a fundamental narrative shift in capital raising opportunities for companies and investors alike.  

Their open-end fund platform may be used to build a venture fund that allows fund managers to use their skills while guaranteeing investors a marketable token and the final say. 

Moreover, the community of Stacker Ventures will try to help initiatives that get funding. This will happen both formally through Community Accelerator efforts built in conjunction with portfolio projects and informally by creating awareness and enthusiasm outside of the community. 

Lucrosus Capital 

Lucrosus Capital is the world’s first gamified DeVC, providing each investor with institutional investing opportunities. Lucrosus Capital’s goal is to transform the way people think about investing by introducing blockchain technology’s benefits to Venture Capital. 

Their objective is to transform the world by helping the most successful blockchain businesses in their growth. Lucrosus Capital believes that Blockchain technology will usher in the next global revolution, focusing on the cryptocurrency industry.   

Another direction that Lucrosus believes in is sharing venture fund initiatives with a bigger audience will be more profitable, and it will have a significant favorable influence on the whole sector.  

$LUCA is a utility token that serves as the foundation of Lucrosus Capital. It solves issues for both individual investors and developers creating blockchain applications.  

Every Lucrosus Capital investment is open to $LUCA token holders, directly and indirectly. Directly through the Shared Allocation Program and indirectly through the Buy-Back Program


Another trending decentralized venture capitalism platform is AngelDAO, which provides money, software development, network involvement, and community building to a wide range of enterprises.    

Their team has extensive expertise in token model building, Web3 software development, DeFi, UI/UX development, design, marketing, and community organizing in the blockchain area.  

AngelDAO  provides venture capital, technical, and marketing assistance to initiatives that promote worldwide acceptance and technological innovation in distributed systems and decentralized banking.  

Coinbase Ventures  

Coinbase Ventures is a Coinbase investment arm that looks for early-stage crypto and blockchain companies to invest in. Finances prospective early-stage start-ups with the right people and concepts to help move the industry ahead in a positive and meaningful way. Their goal is to help the most promising start-ups in the field succeed while also fostering the ecosystem’s expansion. 

Their main purpose is to assist the most compelling firms in the space to thrive. 

Binance Labs 

Binance Lab is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that mixes economics and digital technology. The company allows users to trade digital currency pairs on the market while retaining security and liquidity. It will enable them to transact safely and efficiently with anybody, at any time and from any location. 

Binance Labs focuses on blockchain technology, on companies, and teams in the early stages of their initial coin offering (ICO). It gives resources, advice, and ideas in addition to funding. It also has a social impact fund and a blockchain and cryptocurrency incubation, investment, and empowerment effort.  

Join the team! 

Each platform offers the opportunity to be part of a community, in addition to all the financial benefits it brings. Two significant advantages that the Venture Capital sector brings are transparency and dedication to everyone. We invite you to give it a try!

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