Exclusive: Adam Draper Opens Up on His Love For Sci-fi Comics and NFTs

In a recent interview with BTCManager conducted by Jefferson Nunn, Adam Draper shed light on all things Sci-Fi. At the start of the interview, Nunn asks Adam to talk more about his personal favorite comic, invincible. Adam detailed his love for the comic book and how much it influenced his career. 

Walk-Through History

As a 6-year-old boy, Adam watched a comic book store around his neighborhood go out of business. In the sale, every comic book went at $0.05, and his father helped him purchase tons of them. Some of the comics he acquired were Alpha Flight and Iron Man.

On reading the comic books through and through, he found his passion. In his free time, he read books for fun, which earned him a de facto expertise on comic books. One of his early jobs in college was at Boom Comics store as a telemarketer. 

After college, Adam reads the Infinity comic book, and that struck him as unique. His love for infinity turned into a lifelong career. Later, he got in touch with Sky-bound, which developed an IP address for walking dead and invincible.

He established a connection with John Goldman, whom he later consulted, helped with fundraising, and joined the board. With his board membership, invincible has joined ranks as an NFT. Nunn states that the next 20 years will witness history in the making.

Details into Metaverse

Adam states that NFTs aim to put art creators first. Additionally, he adds that the traditional art market was unfair to art creators and had low turnouts, most of whom are family. To that end, Boost VC invests in NFTs and backs companies working towards that end. Some of which include Nifty gateway, Unstoppable Domains, and Lovis, among others.

Jefferson adds that in the next 10 years, NFTs and Sci-Fi will redefine video games. Further, he asks aboutMetaverse, and in his response, Adam states that Boost VC is an accelerator for crypto companies. Also, the company has invested in more than 75 Virtual Reality start-ups. 

Generally, Metaverse aims to create a digital world, and it has three parts. First is immersion, where users can immerse themselves into the virtual reality world. The second part deals with the ownership of digital assets on the internet. Creators can have ownership of their unique creations.

Lastly, its communication sums up Metaverse as a three-dimensional communication device. The platform for Metaverse is set with about 4 billion internet users. Adam likens NFTs to a comic book called Slugfest. In the same way, it revolutionized comic books, NFTs will revolutionize IP for all and turn the game around.

Benefits of NFTs and Metaverse

Adam notes that there are important data worldwide that gets politicized daily. An example would be climate tech, and the media also play politics with sensitive data. He adds that crypto could be the answer and solution to all these problems. It’s because crypto has proven to cut through the noise.

Nunn points out that Solve Care takes the decentralization aspect for its work and is now operational in 32 countries. He adds that with time more decentralized organizations have stepped into offering real change.

Finally, Adam states that people would have to start investing in what is important to them to have real change. To that end, Sci-Fi makes these solutions easier. 

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