DigiNation Kicks Off Alpha Testing of Vast NFT Metaverse

The metaverse gaming project that aims to “map the human mind” onto virtual avatars is moving ahead with its official alpha test this month. DigiNation will conduct initial testing of its virtual world on December 22, enabling early adopters, media representatives (will be provided with a special Media Pass NFT) and cryptocurrency influencers to experience the NFT-based Play-to-Earn (P2E) dynamics of DigiNation’s metaverse.

DigiNation uses unique NFTs as the foundation for its in-game characters, dubbed DigiAvatars. Known as Identity NFTs, DigiAvatars act as the player’s in-game character, while also storing every action the player logs while in the game world. In this sense, NFTs are used not only as the main aesthetic but also as an integrated account system.

Testing Play-to-Earn in DigiNation

When the alpha test kicks off in less than two weeks, the DigiAvatars will be test-driven in a virtual environment for the first time. While the alpha test won’t encompass the full breadth of what DigiNation will eventually have to offer, it will include testing of the metaverse’s various play-to-earn features, which will be on display across a number of mini-games.

These include role-playing games, hobby games, simulations, and adventure games, and while many of these remain at an early stage of development, players will be able to earn monetary rewards for their participation and success. 

Rare NFTs will also be up for grabs during the alpha test, including unique in-game commodities such as furniture and clothing. DigiNation allows players to create their own games and objects within its metaverse, and while the full extent of DigiMaker, as it is known, won’t be on display, users will be able to test-run the basic dynamics of the system in the alpha’s embedded Space DIY feature, which allows players to develop in-game programs without requiring any coding knowledge.

Accessing the Alpha

In order to take part in the alpha test, users will need either a native DigiNation NFT in their wallet, or an NFT that’s part of DigiNation’s collaborative platforms. At present time, these include popular NFT series CryptoPunks and Pudgy Penguins. With an NFT of this type in their wallet, a user can enter the game world and have their NFT automatically converted into a representative 3D in-game avatar. 

As mentioned, media reps and crypto influencers will be granted access to the alpha test thanks to a specially-issued media pass. Those with a media pass will be able to experience the DigiNation project without initially owning a native or collaborative NFT.

The whitelist and public sale for DigiNation’s NFTs launched in mid-November, and secondary markets for the tokens are now running on the OpenSea marketplace. The native governance token of DigiNation has not yet been distributed, so the alpha test will make use of a temporary token known simply as ALPHA. 

A total of 512,000 ALPHA tokens will be airdropped to users already holding DigiAvatars in their wallets, with an extra 4,608,000 tokens made available as rewards within the metaverse for the duration of the alpha test. The test is expected to last for 20 days.


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