Blockchain Startup Aqilliz Teams With White Ops Tto Drive Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency

Blockchain solutions provider Aqilliz has teamed with cybersecurity firm White Ops to enable greater programmatic supply chain transparency across their global clientele.

Based in Singapore, Aqilliz is a blockchain platform for marketing that aims to improve trust, transparency and convenience in digital marketing. Aqilliz offers three solutions that target three key areas in digital marketing that impede value exchange. Named Proton, Neutron, and Electron, these solutions are underscored by a philosophy that aims to examine the Who, What, When, Where and How across the online value exchange process and introduce blockchain-based methods to better optimize existing business models.

White Ops is a cybersecurity firm that protects enterprises across the globe – including the largest internet platforms – from sophisticated bot attacks by verifying the humanity of more than five trillion online interactions every week. Recently, the firm received an investment by Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division and ClearSky Security to support the company’s next phase of growth.

As part of the partnership, Aqilliz will be offering White Ops’ Advertising Integrity and Marketing Integrity solutions to all its enterprise clients to bolster its programmatic campaign optimization offerings. White Ops clients will also benefit from access to Aqilliz’s suite of blockchain-powered marketing technology solutions across the areas of identity management, programmatic campaign optimisation, and loyalty and rewards management.

“Aqilliz will be offering White Ops’ Advertising Integrity product to its clients, enabling them to access pre-bid fraud prevention and post-bid analysis for desktop, mobile, and connected TV. This helps to ensure that all inventory is human-verified in order to protect and grow revenue,” Aqilliz said in a press release. “In addition, this will also be supplemented by White Ops’ Marketing Integrity product, which looks to protect marketers’ budgets, campaigns, data management platforms, sales leads, and retargeting from malicious, sophisticated bots. With solutions that holistically address every aspect of the campaign lifecycle to the benefit of all stakeholders, Aqilliz clients can expect to see better optimised, fraud-free campaigns that promise increased conversion rates.”

Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz, said that digital advertising is now more automated than ever, evidenced by the ever-growing appeal of programmatic.

“While efficient, the existing programmatic model has upheld systemic challenges for far too long,” Ragothaman said. “Driven by our mission to restore an equal value exchange across brands, platforms, and consumers, we’ve demonstrated the potential of blockchain in enabling a smarter model of automation and transparency. This partnership with White Ops is a natural extension of this as we look to bring even greater brand trust and cost-savings to our partners.”

Ryan Murray, Director, Asia Pacific at White Ops, said that while the programmatic ecosystem has gradually grown in sophistication over the years, so has the extent to which bad actors are able to exploit loopholes in the campaign supply chain.

“In a time where brands are becoming increasingly conscious of their spend, having a clearer understanding of where and to what your money is going to, is essential,” Murray said. “In partnering with a leading innovator in the digital marketing ecosystem like Aqilliz, we’ll be raising the bar on what a transparent, fraud-free digital advertising ecosystem ought to look like.”

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