Blockchain Quality Engineering Services Suite Launched By Indian IT Giant TCS

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a firm that provides information technology (IT) and IT enabled services worldwide, has introduced a composite quality engineering (QE) service for blockchain applications.

Called TCS Blockchain QE Services, the new service combines smart contract auditing with cloud deployment design, API audits, and usability testing to help enterprises safeguard against security, privacy, and reliability threats. The new service is leveraging the experience and capabilities of TCS’ Quality Engineering and Transformation Platform Services and caters to applications over a wide range of blockchain platforms.

“The offering reimagines testing by leveraging innovative methods from the proven Quality Engineering Platform ecosystem,” TCS said. “TCS provides smart contract testing services as part of this offering to thwart vulnerabilities in the business logic codified in smart contracts. It can also ring fence the entire blockchain solution at protocol and ecosystem level to ensure safety and security of enterprise applications.”

Lakshminarasimhan (Lakshmi) Srinivasan, Global Head, Blockchain Services, TCS, said that quality engineering is critical for blockchain implementations to manage risks from potential security tradeoffs that are introduced to achieve scalability and performance benchmarks.

“When decentralized smart contracts are executed in an automated way without any human intervention, it makes audit a non-mutually exclusive event,” said Srinivasan. “We offer significant value realization from the security, scalability and performance level audits.”

Prabhakar Karamsetty, Global Head, Quality Engineering & Transformation unit, TCS, said that TCS helps leading enterprises across the globe deliver superior end-consumer experiences with industry-proven quality engineering services.

“We strive to go beyond just functional testing to include performance, security, and usability, all very relevant to blockchain implementations,” said Karamsetty. “We also added node/peer testing, node connectivity testing, digital automation, data quality assurance and cognitive automation to accelerate blockchain implementations.”

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