Blockchain Developer Coinplug Launches Busan Blockchain ID App

Blockchain developer Coinplug, in partnership with Busan City – a large port city in South Korea, has launched a DID-based mobile identification service for 3.4 million Busan citizens.

Founded in 2013, Coinplug offers a bitcoin exchange, electronic wallet, and online point-of-sales service for Korean users. The company is continuously innovating in the field of blockchain, focusing in the areas of Identity & Authentication (Decentralized Identity, Self-Sovereign Identity), Payment Solutions and Assets Management.

In a press release, Coinplug announced the launch of the Busan Blockchain ID App, which is part of the Busan Blockchain Regulation-Free Zone project where Coinplug is one of the three appointed companies. The app provides a non-face-to-face authentication to access multiple public services, including the Busan Citizen ID and the “multi-child family love” card. It gives access to the Busan City Hall and supports mobile payments, among others.

“The non-face-to-face or “untact” trend has increased in South Korea amid the social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and it is expected to grow globally,” Coinplug said. “At a time when the demand for untact services is increasing, Coinplug released the Busan Blockchain ID App, with the support of Busan City, to facilitate the access to different public services while reducing the risk of contact.”

According to the release, the DID technology gives users management control over their personal information, preventing any data leakage that could occur when a third party agency has possession of the users’ information.

“DID is a convenient and reliable means of identification and authentication for public services,” a Busan city official said. “Through the Busan Blockchain ID App, we plan to improve and link various public services to maintain a safe approach for our citizens while we continue moving forward into the new normality.”

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