Blockchain Developer Opens EOSIO-Based Social Media Platform To Limited Public Access, the developer of the EOS blockchain, has opened its blockchain-based social media platform Voice over the weekend to limited public access.

Voice is designed to provide more transparency than traditional social media platforms. The platform encourages creation, sharing, discovery and promotion of content on social media platforms by real users, not bots and fake accounts. The platform rewards users with Voice tokens for posting quality content, thus incentivizing good contributions.

The launch came earlier than anticipated; the platform was originally scheduled to go public later in the year. The website is open for people to browse, however only early access registrants will be able to publish content before August 15.

“We were prepping for a big reveal in the fall—but things changed. The world changed. So, we’ve decided to open up our platform now and invite the community to be a part of the building process,” said Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo. “While everyone around the world can read Voice posts starting today, July 4, 2020, only our registered community members can publish.”

Beginning August 15th, Zalatimo said that everyone that has registered through early access will be able to invite their friends from across the world to join Voice and begin building communities.

“Heading into the fall, we’ll begin releasing a variety of features empowering the communities to mold the platform into the social media we all need,” Zalatimo said. “There will be a steady stream of improvements and optimizations along the way.”

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