Nvidia may Execute its Plan to Launch Dedicated Crypto Mining GPUs”

Nvidia has to make some important decisions regarding its video cards. While cryptocurrency mining boosts overall sales, it also causes a lot of friction. More specifically, the current generation of cards is suited for both mining and gaming. This is not the liking of gamers all over the world. As such, Nvidia may introduce a separate line of cards for cryptocurrency mining specifically.

For the time being, it remains to be seen how things will evolve. Graphics card manufacturers benefit a lot of cryptocurrency mining. By selling more units, they also make a lot more money. Unfortunately, this mining craze often leads to massive shortages in stock. Nvidia has been rather vocal about this aspect for quite some time now. They cannot serve their gamer customers because of cryptocurrency miners. It’s an unfortunate development, although there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Nvidia may Have Some Very big Plans

More specifically, there are rumors as to how Nvidia may introduce new graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining. This has not been officially confirmed by the company at this point. However, the “Turing” line of cards is of great interest even if the product doesn’t exist. It seems evident manufacturers need to cater to both miners and gamers alike. Using two different lines is certainly an option worth exploring.

It is a bit unclear as to what the world can expect from these new cards. If Nvidia pursues this avenue, they will set an interesting precedent. For now, we know nothing specific and there is nothing carved in stone either. It is expected the company will make some announcement at the GPU Technology Conference in March. It is expected Jensen Huang will shed some light on the cryptocurrency mining situation as a whole.

Whether or not AMD will take a similar approach in the future, remains to be seen. The company has made it clear how they don’t expect much from the cryptocurrency mining industry. In fact,, AMD expects the revenue to drop quite a bit by the next quarter. Whether or not that is the case, remains to be seen. Both Nvidia and AMD have seen major benefits from the mining industry as of late. If they can alleviate concerns for gamers as well, things can only get better from here on out.

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