NEO Could Surpass Bitcoin By The Year 2019

NEO is a Chinese technology which marries the concept of the smart economy and cryptocurrency. It’s a cutting-edge player which looks set to become a cornerstone of the Chinese economy in the future – and as China continues to go from strength to strength as a world superpower, this essentially means that NEO will also become a major league global cryptocurrency in its own right with unparalleled real-world potential.

At the time of writing, NEO is currently the seventh-strongest cryptocurrency at $134.28USD. From an investment perspective, it makes perfect sense. This is because with NEO, the buyer also accumulates another crypto; Gas. That’s right – by simply holding NEO, the investor will incrementally receive Gas, which is tied in closely with China’s biggest Crypto. Gas can be spent in much the same way as any other cryptocurrency, and essentially demonstrates the confidence China has in NEO.


NEO is linked to smart contracts and artificial intelligence powered by the blockchain – any investment essentially funds these revolutionary technologies, which is precisely the reason why developers and investors are turning to NEO:

These emerging technological advancements are more exciting and forward-thinking than Bitcoin, which despite its recognition does not have the same real-world applications as newer currencies like NEO. While Bitcoin has brand-recognition, as the most renowned cryptocurrency it tends to suffer from over-inflation, whereas NEO’s reputation is based completely on what it is capable of being used for.

Bitcoin killer

As the public consciousness adapts to cryptocurrency technologies, NEO could easily become the Bitcoin slayer. Given China’s economic prowess and continuing technological advancement, NEO’s overtaking of the rest of the big five coins is only a matter of time – when it eventually topples Bitcoin remains to be seen, but some experts are predicting that it will become the cryptocurrency of choice for many traders as soon as 2019.


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