Jazzle Games Hopes to Deal a Winning Hand to Investors

Jazzle Games hopes to help its members strike it lucky with their platform, which allows members to invest in the construction of casinos and receive a part of the subsequent profits.

Gambling is a multi-billion-dollar industry which continues to grow as more and more people find their excitement, and sometimes wealth, through casinos. Even though online gambling is a lucrative industry, brick and mortar casinos are also pulling in the money, making casino owners and investors very happy.

Jazzle Games realizes this, and wants to give their investors an opportunity to yield high profits on their contributions, which is what we all want from our investments, right?

Taking a Gamble

Jazzle’s platform offers contributors a chance to get in on the winning action by yielding a maximum result with minimal risk. Funds invested will go towards constructing casinos in free-trade areas. Through their turnkey business model, this includes finding and buying the land, building the casino and opening it. Once launched, investors will then be able to reap the profitable rewards.

Essentially, with investor funds, Jazzle Games will do the all of the hard work, including adhering to the legalities involved with launching the casino, while the investors can enjoy the profits once the casino is in business.

The platform has five investment options, allowing investors to contribute between $10 and $50,000. The wide range of options means that even non-whales can get in on the action and realize ongoing profits from their investment.

How to Get Started

Interested parties first need to register on the platform and then fund their account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, or any of the other many cryptocurrencies that are accepted. The funds will reflect immediately and members will be able to select their preferred investment option and contribute to it.

Any profits made can be withdrawn and will be sent to the payment wallet that is used to make the initial contribution to the account.

Make Even More Money

Jazzle Games also offers a referral system where, depending on how many people you refer, as well as other stipulated conditions, could elevate the investor’s status to that of a partner or a representative.

This system allows loyal investors and stakeholders to make an even bigger profit through the platform. Representative profitability is determined based on the following tiered structure:

  • Level 1 – Representative receives 12% of referral reward from the deposit of an investor attracted by him/her;
  • Level 2 – Representative receives 4% of referral reward from the deposit of a new client attracted by the investor working as your own referral;
  • Level 3 – Representative receives 3% of referral reward from the deposit of a new client attracted by the second-level referral;
  • Level 4 – Representative receives 2% of referral reward from the deposit of a new client attracted by the third-level referral;
  • Level 5 – Representative receives 1% of referral reward from the deposit of a new client attracted by the fourth-level referral.

According to the platform, Jazzle Games has already received more than $600,000 in contributions and has paid out nearly $130,000.

Visit the jazzle.games website for more information on Jazzle Games.

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