Brazilian Pastor Stages Own Kidnapping in an Attempt to Get 3 Bitcoin from Family Members

The crypto craze has proved yet again it’s a respecter of no man, as a Christian cleric has faked his kidnap, demanding a three bitcoin ransom from his family. Unfortunately for the greedy pastor, his family couldn’t just end their HODL to fund his release.

Spiritual Bitcoin

As per Gospel Geral, Alexandre Geraldo dos Anjos, a 34-year old Evangelist at Assembleia de Deus Missao (Assembly of God Mission) in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, has been bitten by the ‘crypto-bug.’ The holy one decided to yield to the temptation of Satan by orchestrating his kidnap for some worldly bitcoin on Monday, February 26, 2018.

Dos Anjos disappeared last Monday after hanging out with a fellow pastor in the Vista Verde area, in eastern Brazil. One of his friends contacted his family and informed them that the Evangelist had been kidnapped and that his abductors were asking for a whopping three bitcoin (over $34,000 at press time) for his safe release.

The family of the cleric refused to lose such massive amount of precious bitcoin, at a time when the price of bitcoin is set to hit the moon again. They decided to call the police instead.

Lost but Found

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for his family to send the blockchain money without any success, Dos Anjos had no choice but to reappear.

According to reports, the man of God came out of hiding after four days and went straight to the Igarata police station to tell the story of his kidnap, not knowing that God was already waiting for him there to cast out the demon in him.

While at the police station, Dos Anjos lied about escaping from the kidnappers’ den. However, the intelligent investigators were unconvinced by his report, so they turned him over to the Sao Jose General Investigations Office for further question and answer series.

Just then, the pastor yielded to the pressure from investigators, and he confessed to organizing his abduction. Commenting on the matter, General Investigations Office deputy, Neimar

Camargo noted that:

“We received a complaint yesterday stating that the pastor had had lunch at a restaurant in Jacarei. We went there to investigate, we took the video surveillance footage and saw that he appeared calm. When he began to tell the story of the kidnapping, it became obvious he was lying.”

The pastor told investigators he committed the crime because he had a large debt to pay. Shortly after his disappearance, Dos Anjos bought a new sim card and sent an SMS to his friend, notifying him of the kidnap and ransom amount.

The Cleric’s friend, thinking it was a real abduction, promptly informed Dos Anjos’s family of the incident. Investigators have said the friend was unaware of the plot.

Dos Anjos has been released and is under judicial control for now, but will face criminal charges and might be jailed if found guilty.

While it’s no news that crypto-kidnappers have infiltrated the virtual currency industry, Dos Anjos case might have succeeded in getting into the history books as the first cleric to have ever faked his kidnap for the sake of bitcoin.

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