In the crypto-currency world, negative tendencies, as a rule, radically influence the opinion of people. Many crypto-currency investors are concerned about the drop in the Bitcoin price that has occurred so far.

However, it distracts their attention from the global situation, which still creates a very promising future for the crypto currency.

Temporary drop in the value of Bitcoin

We see big failures every year, but often the year ends with a record high of value. This cycle is present for some time and many are sure that it is destined to happen again.

However, speculators may differ in this opinion. This recent drop in the price of Bitcoin has troubled most investors despite excellent prospects for 2018 year.

Every drop in the price of Bitcoin is a new opportunity to buy. Lower prices will attract new speculators and investors. Everyone knows that Bitcoin last year reached 19 000 dollars. There is no reason to think that we will not see this price again. Some people even predict the cost of BTC in the amount of 29 000 US dollars by the end of this year.

The future price increase will be one of the important technical achievements. Most people already know that SegWit adoption is growing and covers a huge number of projects. This leads to a reduction in fees and a normal transaction confirmation time.

All these trends are incredibly positive for the leading crypto currency in the world, if we look at its promising future.

However, SegWit will not be able to raise the value of the crypto currency alone. This paves the way for the Lightning Network. This network scalability solution seems closer to the main launch every day.

When this happens live, it will certainly shock users around the world. However, other technical developments are needed to improve the overall ecosystem.

The future looks very bright for Bitcoin and people are ready to see it. The current decline in its value is only a temporary failure.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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