VeChain Price Combeack: Despite Drop VeChainThor Set To Gain

Being one of the coins that did recovery very strong after the end of year and January sell-out, as it climbed 190% until mid Feb when it met violent sellers as the general market did and was tanked to trading under the important $5.00 mark [per time of writing].

The community and VeChain enthusiasts are very confident and supportive around the coin as calls-to-hold are being made all around social medias and other platforms. VeChain is a token functioning within a Blockchain-as-a-service system [BaaS]. Finding use of that idea, the project wants to raise the speed of transaction set on complete with transparency and make an impact on how business and firm supplies are being monitored.

Keeping in mind that the token is based on blockchain-technology, the infrastructure could be guaranteed to have no holes making sure the user gets what is paid for while it deviates having to be independent to any other-third party.

“VeChain is thriving and we are using our resources to match the demand.” – VeChain Foundation tweet

In a very welcoming event that took place Monday Feb 26, the firm rebranded the project to VeChainThor. The concentration of the development will target only on delivering DApps as a solution for various enterprises and promotion.

Similar to the ones hosted on Ethereum, VeChainThor as a platform will most likely operate in the future, as THOR will fill up Dapps and smart contracts, having VET tokens in the other hand making various payments options that companies will find use of.

VeChain will be a fully decentralized and operational platform hosting both VeChain Tokens and THOR. With new crucial changes implemented and VeChain turning into VEN THOR decentralized platform, users have a mixed opinion on where this currency is headed.

A 21-year-old cryptocurrency investor from Nashville – Jerome Lion added -“Here’s a tip – Everyone knows ‘invest in the dip’ but when everything is dipping, which one would you choose. Look at the team, philosophy, the hard work, if everything checks, then invest. It [VeChain] is big, now I think we have hit bottom”

In case you missed, these are just some of the announcement made during the Rebranding Event:

  • 09:43 – 11:08 – VeChain Thor Intro video.
  • 11:43 – 13:29 – History of VeChain and the rebranding process
  • 13:30 – 14:13 – Community related growth
  • 25:45 – 26:19 – Bitocean ICO
  • 27:45 – 28:52 – Introducing Oxford Mathematical Institute as a partner
  • 36:31 – 37:25 – BMW Group announcement + End *

“We are not talking about pilot projects, we are talking about solutions that are working for real cases.” Luca went on to say:“DNV GL is a company with over 150 years of history. And unfortunately, this is something we can not share, because you [VeChain] were only born a few months ago. But we do have something in common, and it’s a bright future. So thank you Sunny for the partnership and this amazing event.” – Luca Crisciotti, The Chief Executive Officer of DNV

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