TRON [TRX] gets listed on Bittrex – markets react with a 31% jump!

TRON [TRX] got listed on Bittrex and the markets immediately reacted with a 31% spike. TRON is currently trading at $0.0564 to a token with a market cap of $3.7 billion. Market analysts believe Justin Sun’s announcement of Tron’s main net’s release and TRX getting listed on LBANK had TRX market ready for a bull run last week.

Bittrex announces TRX getting listed

TRON is a protocol that aims to create a worldwide free content entertainment system. Their working is powered by sub-block chains distributed storage technology.

Richie Francis, a Twitterati and TRX follower says,

“Just within 2 hours of listing TRX on Bittrex, we have seen such a big spike. 31% in under 2 hours, wohooo… Moon boys”

Justin Sun’s reply to the Bittrex Tweet

Daniel Weese, another Twitter follower, reacting to comments which calls TRX a “scam coin” says,

“These partnerships don’t come to “scam coins.” Tron does in fact have real use cases. The test net will be released March 31st with main net to follow ahead of schedule on or before May 1st!”

The spike post Bittrex’s announcement of listing TRON

Other skeptical investors like Madin Rahad, speaks to AMBCrypto and says,

“Yes this 31% jump had a Bittrex and Main net factor but the biggest factor is that Bitcoin has gained 7%. When Bitcoin goes up everything goes up. Wait for it, everyone will start cashing out”

TRON has been dependent on ETH for its transactions but the Main Net’s release on March 31st will remove ETH dependency and make low transaction costs and a Huge number of Transaction Per Second (TPS) at around a 1000 TPS possible.

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