TRON [TRX] drops by 8% while Justin Sun gains 400K followers on Twitter

TRON [TRX] has been in the headlines for a while now. With the Test Net launch scheduled towards the month end, it is surely an exciting time for TRON holders. On a statistical note, there is a slight decrease in the net value of TRX by 8.20% in the past 24 hours at press time. This is not an anomaly, the entire market is going down with the exception of VeChain.

With its current value at $0.0435 in the 14th position on the market coin, there might be some rejoiceful times ahead. Though there has been an increase in the average percent during the last 7 days, the price is sliding on a comparison to its all-time high value $0.27 in January.

In the past 24 hours, TRX has dipped significantly by 8.22%.

Tron Foundation’s Tweet

What comes in as an ecstatic news to the founder of this cryptocurrency is –

“Justin Sun has crossed 400K+ followers on Twitter.” A hearty congratulations to Justin, well yes, that is huge.

Jeremy Judd, a Twitter user, replied to TRON Foundation’s tweet:

“Seriously??? Don’t you have better things to worry about than how many followers he has??”

Twitter handle DarrMunday comments:

“Mmm just had a look at the market…nope 400k twitter followers didn’t mean d*ck.”

As customary, Justin Sun makes another ‘announcement’. He, as promised in his earlier tweet has released the launch dates of TRON main net. The test net will be launched on March 31st and the main net on May 31st.

Justin Sun’s post on Twitter:

Lucien Chen, TRON’s Director of Technology has stated:

“The main net launching in May will have all high priority functions. Functions with lower priority will be deployed later in the form of version upgrades.”

Another announcement was made regarding ‘TRON and BitGuildPLAT building a strategic cooperation together’. This will strengthen the two sides cooperation on the online game for the bottom of blockchain technology, payments, and ecosystems. 

Justin Sun, founder of TRON said:

“Online gaming is a growing and huge market and TRON has always put online gaming at the core of online development.”

The Founder of BitGuild, Jared Psigoda, and his team have extensive experience in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Jared Psigoda quoted:

“I believe the blockchain online game landscape will be further expanded through the strategic cooperation between TRON and BitGuild.”

By expanding blockchain gaming technology, their aim is to revamp online games, which is a huge market. This will also reshape relations between gamers, developers and game content.

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