Stellar enabled money transfer platform to be launched by BluepanNet

Stellar has partnered with BluepanNet to provide them with the with a platform to enable cross border payments. BluepanNet has in the past tried to use Bitcoin to enable transactions. This is an area that requires attention and Stellar and BluepanNet might be able to provide solutions to a lot of people working in Asia.

Stellar helps provide low-cost financial services and has been in the in the radar for checking off goals on their 2018 roadmap. This is one of the many partnerships they have been able to crack last year. 37 was the last year’s count with biggies like IBM and Tempo.

Also keeping them in the news has been the steady climb in the value of their native digital currency Lumens (XLM). Stellar Lumens (XLM) was launched in 2014 and upgraded the year after, this coin is valued at $0.310443 with a large market cap of $5,742,704,389 and analysts are predicting an up-climb in value in the days to come.

BluepanNet was launched in 2015, just called Bluepan then and is the largest remittance company enabled by blockchain technology. It is aimed at helping immigrant workers in Asia where remittance accounts for a large sum of the GDP. World Bank agrees that remittance is a huge burden on immigrant workers and the G20 is targeting to bring these prices down to 5% under the World Bank initiative.

BluepanNet’s goal in their words,

“is to disrupt the entire global remittance market with blockchain technology. We believe that our remittance technology can help migrant workers and small business owners save remittance transaction fees significantly.”

The goals of both the partners seem to be aligned in helping and providing support to people who are in need by using technology, more specifically using blockchain technology. It is refreshingly interesting to see how technology and non-profit can come together to build for a better future.

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