“Please consider Tron [TRX]” tweets Justin Tun to the Indian Prime Minister

In a reply to the Indian Prime Minister’s Office tweet which stated that technologies like blockchain and Internet of Things could have a deep impact in the normal lives, Justin Tun the founder of Tron replied to the tweet asking the PMO to consider Tron as a possible solution.

Justin Sun’s reply to PMO

At the 22nd World Congress on Information Technology in Hyderabad, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi stated the importance of blockchain technology and the influence it will have in the way we live and work. Arun Jaitley in his budget speech on Feb 1st had said,

“…….the government will explore use of blockchain technology….”

Tron [TRX] is a content entertainment platform, decentralized in nature and aims to enable users to publish, store and own data freely.  It also envisions empowering people to freely create content products without relying on centralized power. With decentralization, people would have the power to make profits on a grand scale without any intermediaries in between. Tron’s website claims to have more than 100,000 users in 100 countries that have already become a part of this network.

There were mixed reactions from TRON and cryptocurrency community with some arguing it was just an attention-grabbing tweet from Justin to get some media spotlight while some mentioned the importance and contribution of Indian content on the global platform.

Kermit a twitter cryptocurrency fanatic replies to Justin’s tweet saying,

“…..it’s a gaming coin with no major partnerships, a plagiarized white paper, and a CEO who just tried to connect with the Prime Minister of India on Twitter”

Sudhanshu Varu, another Twitter user replies,

“India will never consider TRX because it’s fake.. Indian government very soon launching its own coin”

There were other replies which from various Twitter handles that believed Justin Tun was desperate to “sell” his “over-hyped” token.

Twitter Replies by the community

There was a positive response from the Indian cryptocurrency community. AMBCrypto spoke to certain cryptocurrency investors in India and they believe the government needs to have a one-on-one with the founders and developers of successful tokens to understand the possibilities of blockchain technology and the urgency of its implementation across various sectors.

Ramesh Sharma, a blockchain developer from Bangalore says,

“Not sure about TRON but we [the Indian government] need to start interacting with the founders of successful token and gain knowledge from them”

Rakshit Nair, a Relationship Manager in HDFC Bank says,

“Looking at the recent scams involving Nirav Modi and PNB, I feel if we had a blockchain system in place it would have noticed the inconsistencies and this wouldn’t have taken place. We need this technology urgently in all sections of importance starting with the banking department”

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