Phil Ivey, Paul Pierce and Joe Lubin to Play in a Charity Tournament on Virtue Poker Against Crypto Influencers

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Various poker and cryptocurrency celebrities will compete against one another in Virtue Poker’s upcoming celebrity event, which will be live streamed on Twitch. The charity tournament will bring together 12 players, including Phil Ivey, Joe Lubin, Paul Pierce and many others. The poker tournament also serves a secondary purpose, as it will serve as a live example of Virtue Poker’s expansion into the NFT market.

Virtue Poker Charity Event

Hosting a celebrity poker tournament to be broadcast on the Twitch platform can bring a lot of attention to Virtue Poker. As a decentralized peer-to-peer poker platform on Ethereum, the service provides a safe, honest, and fun experience for everyone. Blockchain-based poker provides transparency and fairness to all participants in a way that anyone can verify. 

Through this upcoming celebrity poker charity tournament, Virtue Poker will pit twelve well-known individuals against one another. Participants include ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin, Hall of Famer Phil Ivey, NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce, Ran Neuner, Brian Rast, and others. Players will compete across two tables, with the top three of each table advancing to the final stage. 

Twitch viewers will be able to see the live event on the platform’s primary channel and on channels hosted by the individual participants. Being able to view the charity poker event from multiple viewpoints will enhance the overall experience. Users can join Phil Ivey or Joe Lubin as they try to reach the final and pick the charity to which all proceeds will be donated.

Another Milestone for Virtue Poker

The charity poker event marks another important milestone for the Virtue Poker team. The team completed a $5 million investment round in April 2021. Moreover, they are on the cusp of running an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the SuperStarter launchpad come May 28th. As Virtue Poker is expanding into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, the team will issue NFTs during the upcoming poker tournament.

Virtue Poker CEO Ryan Gittleson Adds:

“Virtue Poker is excited to take this next step to drive awareness and adoption of the world’s first blockchain-based P2P poker platform. Through our partnership with SuperStarter and our execution of our Celebrity Poker Charity event, Virtue Poker will be able to grow our community’s foundation as well as showcase the platform to a broad audience.”

Events like these can bring a lot of positive attention to blockchain-based solutions like Virtue Poker. Additionally, the event is for charity, with all participants having a chance to direct the proceeds to an organization of their choice. 

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