As criticisms for TRON [TRX] mounts, Justin Sun says they are the most hardworking team!

Just 24 hours after Justin Sun got criticised by Twitteratis and certain media houses regarding his “announcement of announcements” phenomenon, he took to Twitter and stressed the “hard-working” capability of the TRON [TRX] team.

Justin’s recent Tweet

TRON [TRX] has been in the limelight for the past few days with his followers awaiting TRON main net’s release. It is touted to be an important update as it won’t rely on Ethereum anymore and it would open doors to faster, cheaper transactions.

Justin Sun has faced flak from his followers with many suggesting a lazy approach with TRON partnerships and slow progress with the tech team as well. The recent addition of Matt Yue put those arguments at bay. Many believers took it upon themselves to defend Justin with many suggesting that TRON’s tech has achieved more than what Vitalik has achieved.

Aaron Conover, a Twitter follower says,

“Its astonishing how many people do nothing but complain. Crypto needs patience…if you have none, then you are invited to find something else to express your opinions…Stacey Dash is running for about that. Let the CEO do his job, he owes you nothing”

Lareen Eric, another Twitter follower says,

“Tron and Justin are the equivalent to a runaway locomotive. Can’t be stopped and will keep on going”

Many from the community believe that TRX couldn’t be any lower and the current wait is just for Bitcoin to be in green. History has shown when Bitcoin goes back to being bullish all alternative coins including TRX has seen tremendous growth in a matter of weeks. Late investors in TRX also believe that Justin has been all talk and no show.

İsveçli NapıyonSen‏, a cryptocurrency investor says,

“Congratulations but people Love results …”

Christopher N. Okada, CEO of Okada & Company says,

“Tron is down 82% from its peak… you’ve literally tweeted garbage all the way down”

With everyone expecting the end of the bearish market soon, the true test will be to see if TRX sees a rise in value and if people still believe in the tech. The announcement of Tron main net will be the most anticipated news and analysts believe that it should propel the value of the token to new heights.

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