Bitrue Adds Voting Utility to Its BTR Coin, Delivers on the Promise

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Bitrue is expanding the utility of its native currency, BTR, in line with its original launch plan.

BTR now has a Voting Utility

Through a press release on June 10, voting rights added to the two-year-old coin align the interest of their vibrant community, allowing the listing of their favorite cryptocurrencies.

The first round of voting will start in the final quarter of June 2021.

To participate in voting, BTR holders have to lock their coins for seven days. However, the difference from other protocols is that users earn extra tokens of the project they nominate during this period.

Any coin that receives overwhelming or majority support from BTR holders list on the Bitrue exchange.

Bitrue Is “Delivering on The Promise”

Coin projects will be crowdsourced from the Bitrue community on Twitter.

However, depending on the popularity and majority support from BTR holders, a project’s coins will be listed.

At the same time, the project would ingeniously distribute their tokens to BTR stakers.

Commenting, Adam O’Neill, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, said:

“When we launched BTR in the summer of 2019, we promised that we would continue to develop further utilities for the coin, including the ability to use the coin to vote on key decisions such as listings. We’re ecstatic to be delivering on this promise today.”


“Bitrue Coin continues to be one of the main focuses for us as we continue developing Bitrue. We have many more plans in the works to add value to our coin, which we hope to start sharing very soon.”

Bitrue is Opening up More Investment Opportunities

Besides voting, there are discounts for users who pay fees using BTR tokens.

Additionally, using BTR users receives higher APR for their cryptocurrency investments on top of enabling access to special DeFi mining services.

Bitrue offers various financial services ranging from trading, loans, and asset management.

Responding to high demand earlier today, the platform said it would open another investment opportunity allowing ADA holders to earn an APR of seven percent through their 30-day lockup program.

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