Ariane Capital's ARBA SPIN Yields 12.5% in a Crypto Bear Market

Ariane Capital has launched the ARBA SPIN, a certificate that actively manages cryptocurrencies distinguished by strong alpha generator qualities under the management team, in response to the increasing demand from their global clients.


In a recent interview, Benjamin Guez, the co-founder of the technology-focused and conservative multi-family office with bases in Geneva, Tel Aviv, and Dubai, revealed that the new product would meet the needs of its clients. Most investors are increasingly searching for long-term directional exposure to digital assets while being in a position to sift and identify potential projects.

The firm’s top brass, comprising 25 former investment and private bankers, will actively manage the ARBA SPIN. They are keen on making its performance exemplary. For their focus on absolute performance, the ARBA SPIN certificate yielded 12.5 percent—which is overly impressive. The crypto market is under immense selling pressure as leading digital assets like Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum dump from recent highs, dragging the whole market with it.

Decorrelating From the Market

ARBA SPIN provides long-term directional exposure, concurrently mixing fundamental analysis from the diverse and deep cryptocurrency world. At the same time, as a cushion, the fund’s overall plan is to make ARBA SPIN decorrelated from the market.

With the deep experience of the Ariane Capital team, they aim to seize early opportunities in the long haul benefiting their investors during the exposure period. To protect their investors’ interests, the fund will implement practical risk management strategies, roping in time-tested tools like the use of futures and options. 

Futures and options are complex derivatives products useful as a shield against the high volatility in the crypto market. While regulators in the U.S. SEC recently approved the Bitcoin Futures ETF, the CFTC had initially greenlighted a Bitcoin Futures product available for investor acquisition via approved providers in late December 2017. 

Even so, other complex products of leading crypto assets like Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and more are available in other global markets outside the stringent U.S.

First Mover Advantage, the Amongst the Earliest in Europe

Ariane Capital has been involved in the cryptocurrency market since 2014. 

Being the first, they are aware of the disruption caused by the underlying blockchain and the investment opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies. 

Over time, they have built a strong team. They are one of the few operators in the highly competitive European financial market whose roots can be traced to the early days of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The ARBA FUND Profits from Arbitrage in the Crypto Market

The Ariane Capital team was also the first to identify arbitrage opportunities in the space. The ARBA FUND was created purposely to draw and profit from arbitrage, dense in the then highly volatile, developing, and fragmented cryptocurrencies market. 

The ARBA Fund is among the first to have a proper structure and comply with existing rules and regulations. By the end of 2020, the arbitrage fund posted impressive results, returning 41.75 percent to investors. Even though the crypto market is maturing and developing more robust infrastructure, slashing down arbitrage opportunities, the ARBA FUND is expected to return double digits of over 13 percent in 2021.

By December 2021, Ariane Capital’s expertise in cryptocurrency, complemented by its traditional multi-family office activities, gives it immense capabilities. For instance, the co-founder revealed that they can thoroughly analyze the diverse crypto world, structure, and draw investment decisions. 

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